Sunday Slowdown


  • How to defeat the internet job boards? Choose your next employer and lay the groundwork. The Muse
  • This guy says he just wants to make people laugh, and it worked for me. Meanwhile, can we really stop with the Christmas decorations in July? Apartment Therapy
  • Speaking of fall, anyone ready to jump on the capsule wardrobe train? I have yet to commit. Unfancy


  • What happens when you combine drinking in a Scottish bar, a dream, and a willingness to commit. Vimeo – Kayak the Amazon
  • I’m so late to the party! Just now discovering Gociety, thanks to Laura at 50by25, and I can’t wait to join (or maybe start?!) a plan.
  • The Amazon is trending in my life right now, maybe it’s a sign? Current read – The Lost City of Z by David Grann.
  • Just learned about Explorers Guild on an old episode of Tim Ferris’ podcast, featuring Kevin Costner. Can’t wait to check it out, definitely a book to buy in hardcover!


  • Although I think there’s always room for improvement, I would have thought it impossible to make this recipe even more perfect. Tried it out this week, and, turns out, it’s possible.
  • I’ve never picked up quilting as a hobby, but I came across this pattern in a store with my mom recently and am thinking about giving it a shot. Brigitte Heitland’s patterns are beautiful, modern, happy.
  • Tried Warehouse 23, a new restaurant in Vancouver, WA, this week. My fave dish of the night? The knife and fork chowder, so yummy. Most interesting event of the night? The random man who leaped off the edge of the restaurant into the Columbia River below. He was just fine after his adventure, albeit possibly a bit cold.

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